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Themis, goddess of Justice

Ethics and Legalities

The text in these pages represent my opinions and my understanding of reality. If your understanding differs, you may send me email via the address at the bottom of this page, and I will give your statements the attention they deserve. Perhaps I may incorporate them into the body of the site, giving you credit.

The photos displayed in these pages are more of a mixture. Where necessary to the flow or purposes of the document, I reference the fine photographic work of other pilgrims. The difference between my work and that of other pilgrims should be obvious. All the images are clickable: click on any thumbnail or medium-size image (like the picture of Themis above) and you will either see a full size picture (my work), or you will be taken to a different website with more relevant photography than I was able to produce (it rained a lot during my Camino), or views I should have photographed but didn't. At no time do I try to pass off the work of others as my own. You may have to scroll down on some linked pages to see photos I reference.

Occasionally, to reduce the size of the href in the HTML code, I convert long URLs to the format. To maintain attribution, I include the photo's full URL in the source code for my pages.

With regard to the availability of my own work, you may use my photos or text for non-commercial purposes with attribution under a Creative Commons license as described in the references cite below.

Creative Commons License
This text and the author's photographs contained in this work are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 Unported License.